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What to take with me on Photoshoot

What to take with me on Photoshoot

Summer in Crete can be pretty hot. I suggest you to take few things to feel comfortable during photoshoot.

BOTTLE OF WATER will keep you hydrated enough under the sun. FACIAL TISSUES can also be very useful. You might need to refresh your make up and delete unwanted shine. Take with you COMFORTABLE SHOES even if you picked open shoes with high heels for your photoshoot. We will walk to change locations and cozy sandals will be much more pleasant for your feet plus it can save our time as well.

I believe it’s not necessary to give you reasons to take with you SUN PROTECTION and SUNGLASSES. I will just say: don’t forget it. If you have a HAT it can really help you at sunny day here in Crete and also it can beautifuly decorate your image.

If you are planning to do family photoshoot with small kids it’s always great idea to take their favourite TOYS and GAMES. Agree, it appears very lively funny shots when kids play with you and share their toys. For maternity photoshoot you can take some baby clothes, tiny sweet shoes and so on.

And in the end I would like to say, don’t take huge bags with you, more than 2-3 sets of clothes. Usually my photoshoots looks like walks with stops to enjoy the views and make pictures.

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