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Timur & Adelina

Adeline: I would like to start my story from the beginning, so this is how we met.  In fact, it`s all about the Internet and mutual friends. I had an important exam at that time. There was a week of continuous design (architects will understand me). We talked with Timur via the Internet for almost a week, he was waiting for the end of my workdays really patiently, and I`m grateful for that. Finally, the day of our first date came. I don’t know how to describe what happened to me. Literally, as soon as I saw him, and we exchanged a couple of phrases, I realized - that’s it. At that moment, you shine inside and out.
I never believed when other people were saying: "You will understand clearly when you`ll find Him". But now I can say that my heart knew it from the beginning.
After two years, in December, Timur booked for us a trip to Paris, which I will remember forever.
It was not long, but perhaps it turned out to be the most fabulous one.
He proposed right next to the Eiffel Tower.
I answered something slurred due to tears, but Tim understood me.
Six months later, we arranged a small wedding with our closest friends and family. And then we escaped for our honeymoon in Crete.
There was no question about who will be our wedding photographer in Crete, cause I found Natalia half a year before. I made my choice right away when I saw her work on Instagram. She was very friendly during all the process of photo shooting, and we were definitely "on the same wave". The day passed so quickly! We are very grateful for Natalia and her husband, who helped us with all the transportation in a sunny Crete.

P.S. Your heart knows better.

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