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Tejas & Anusha

Anusha: Tejas and I met during the cold Christmas in London 2014 through common friends. We instantly connected as friends. Tejas and I have very few things in common, he keeps monkeying around, make people laugh, super confident whereas I'm the shy one who takes time to open up. I'm not the conversation starter, he never ends it. As they say opposite attracts he proposed and we got married in Nov 2015 and the beautiful journey started...

We moved to Germany in 2016 and traveling is something we both enjoy immensely we love exploring offbeat places, the path less traveled and cities less explored. It's fun when we have our own tales to share.
And when we realized that we are going to be parents many people told us that things are not going to be the same. My eyes always looked for reassurance from Tejas and his eyes always responded with a promise that it's going to be even better.
We decided to spend our babymoon and birthdays combined vacation in Crete Greece. I can't be more content and satisfied.
And we are all set to embark the journey of parenthood together we can't be more excited. We are waiting for our little boy in July 2019

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