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Konstantin & Sabina

Sabina: We`ve got a spark between us from the very beginning, at the party of our common friends. But both of us at that moment tried to end relationships with other people, so we didn’t plan to fall in anything serious soon. After a while, he suddenly added and texted me at one of the social accounts without greeting: it’s time to talk.
After that was a year and a half of communication in a friendly format. We supported and believed in each other, but we felt that there is something more between us. He offered to go to Limanchik student camp with friends at the seacoast in summer, where we decided that we were in love with each other. We returned home, two days later he offered to live together. After six months he proposed.
He realized my dream - a trip to Greece and a wedding photo session in Crete in the most beautiful places of the island. Well, and a wedding. I forgot to add that before this trip to Greece was our wedding. But the trip was simply more important to me.

Me: What a sweet story! Tell me please, what is the most difficult thing in an ideal relationship? And how to deal with it?

Sabina: I believe that there is no limit to perfection and the perfection our family will appear when we will happily pass the following stages of life: home, children, tree.
Constantin: Constant work on ourselves, look for approaches. Everyone has a starting position, as in puzzles, mosaic. It`s great when everything fits together, but there are too many sides of life, and they all definitely do not coincide, you will have to undermine it.

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