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Irina and Maxim at their honeymoon

Irina and Maxim picked Crete as destination for their honeymoon.
Here is their story.

We are from the same city with Max.  Both of us were brought by parents to the Krasnodar Territory because of the war that began in our city. We were small children back then.  We went to the same school, lived across the bridge, but met on the Internet 😂😂 Style of the 21st century!))  After we learned that we were in the same school and lived not far from each other.
He sent me text "hello, let's meet, I have no idea  why I answered, cause I don`t meet through the Internet with the guys. So our story began.
After a year together we moved to Krasnodar and lived 4 more years together, got a cat and got married 😅


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