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Dana: I am a small girl (at least I feel like this) from an unknown country. I am from the Republic of Moldova- which is located in Eastern Europe and is not a country that emerged after Yugoslavia’s break up! 😊
I have graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature and I like to communicate with people, I like multicultural communication and mostly I like to discover bright and interesting people. I used to work part-time during my studies and as a result, I have experience working in many companies for relatively short periods of time. It is a nice experience I believe; it gives you the opportunity to interact with different people and to build different communication and relationships.

Me: Bits of advice what to do in Crete?

Dana: 1. To swim and sunbathe on beaches for a couple of days
2. To rent a car and start to explore the island (there is so much to see)
3. To eat local food
4. To adopt the local lifestyle! While on Crete live like Cretans!

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