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Cozy winter at Crete

Niki & Vasken

I know those two for 3 years already and I can say that they are very garmonic couple with bright future. Here is their story.
We saw each other at the gym first. He was trying to talk to me, but I didn`t even say "hello" back. However he decide not to give up and I got flowers in my office the next day. After that we met in person finelly. But he had to go to his motherland in a few hours. He returned only after 25 days and all this time I was really waiting for the second date.  Since he came back we`re together.  Two years later we start to think about marriage. And when we went to our holidays in Panormo, Crete, he proposed to me and of course I said "yes"!
What did you learnt from Vasken?
To build a relationships you need trust. To keep a relationships you need faith and passion!


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