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Alexandra & Andrew

The guys flew to Crete in May. The sea is wonderful of course, but we decided to meet in Koutouloufari, walk along the beautiful streets one nice evening. Here is the story of Alexandra and Andrew.

We know each other from studying years. He is a cadet, a military doctor, I'm a pediatrician. He realized first, that we were created for each other and for almost a year he was trying to prove it to me. I had no choice but to surrender to the winner).  After 2 years I was still studying when it was time for him to go to service to the Urals.  His work is his whole life,  cause he is a doctor. So we decided that I will stay in St. Petersburg, finish residency and get a job, and there he will return. We got married to make expectation not so taught. It`s been 4 years now since we live in different cities, devoting ourselves to our beloved patients. A year left. We believe that all this is not in vain, and we will be together no matter what.

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