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Outfit for a photoshoot

Here I’ll give you some tips about outfits for a casual non-wedding themed photoshoot. Remember the MAIN RULE ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY OUTFITS: you should be comfortable with what you wear. There are many situations when you can wear evening cocktail shining dress with high heels or James Bond smoking but photoshoot on the beach definitely is not in the list. Believe me, if during photoshoot you will feel uncomfortable it will reflect on photos.

For women and girls I recommend to pick a light dress but not shorts or jeans. Pure clean colors looks very beautiful, such as white, yellow, green, red. Try not to wear clothes with bright prints like big flowers, it will distract from you. But if you’re dreaming to have some photos with your favourite polka-dot dress then pick the rest elements of your image in harmonious combination with it. The great choice is light airy fabric, don’t be shy to wear a long dress. Try to avoid heavy or office style, dense texture. It won’t fit well with landscapes around you.


is always your choice. Open shoes with high heels certainly will decorate your image but please be reasonable. If you’re planning photoshoot on the beach this kind of shoes will look completely out of place and ridiculous. Much better will look light sandals. Very gentle photos are with barefoot model with neat low-key pedicure.


There must be harmony between your outfit and your partner. It concerns the style, colors, texture. Agree, there is a huge difference between white shirt of such a natural fabric like linen and white sporty t-shirt from Nike. The same about shoes of your partner.


You can think of some connecting details in clothes for all members of family. But it`s absolutely unnecessary to have same or look alike elements. Same of very similar outfits usually look fake and make your whole look cheaper and too artsy.


Good choice for you will be gentle top and long skirt, dress or even body. Check Elena`s outfits, its a perfect example of different outfits during our in and outdoor shooting in Abaton Island Resort and Spa. I recommend to pick clothes with soft pastel colors and shadows (but again, there are no strict rules. If you`d like to have a bit more dramatic look, you may consider black colored outfit for example). Flying weightless dress or tight and classy is always your choice. I often suggesting to think of your outfit objectively. Me personally believe that expecting women are absolutely gorgeous and they have a very special glowing. But if you feel that there is more of you that you used to see in the mirror, consider to pick outfit that won`t draw attention to the rounded parts of the body (like forearms, thighs).


You can decorate your image by a tiny pendant, bracelets, hat, some unusual accessories. For men and boys it can be suspenders, bow ties, boutonniere and so on. But don’t overdo it. Remember that your clothes and accessories must to supple you, but not opposite.

I always try to help with selection of outfit for photoshoot, so you can send me some photos, I’ll prompt and advise the most advantageous options.

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