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Makeup and hairstyle for photoshoot

I always recommend contacting professional stylists and makeup artists, I am ready to advise the best specialists in Crete. In case you would like to do it on your own, this article will be extremely useful. The material for this post was provided by the TOP stylist-makeup artist of Crete and my colleague Natasha.


The most sought-after makeup for a photoshoot in Crete is nude makeup in warm shades, the so-called makeup without makeup that exudes freshness, a light breeze, and the sun-kissed effect.
The main trend of modern photography is natural-looking skin. The days of “heavy” Photoshop are long gone as well as zero skin texture. Makeup trends are following and constantly changing too.
The main task in makeup for a photoshoot is to even out skin tone without creating a “mask effect”. This can be achieved by applying all products in thin and consistent in crete


There is necessary consistent preparation for fresh and radiant-looking skin.

  • Use enzyme peelings to remove dead cells.
  • Tissue masks are great for deep moisturizing,  alginate masks may be used to relieve swelling (you can put serum under it).
  • Use the toner after cleansing the skin.
  • Serums are a must-have and I urge everyone to use them in their daily care.
  • Apply moisturizer.
  • Avoid oil-based creams if you have oily or combination types of skin.  Combo of those cremes and strong summer heat in Crete can lead to unnecessary shine on the entire face.
  • Do not forget about eye cream and lip balm (especially if you use long-lasting lipsticks).

Please note, that I describe only the stages. I recommend choosing the exact products only with your cosmetologist.


 I believe that the perfect base for makeup is simply proper skin preparation according to your skin type and personal needs. I rarely use primers in my everyday makeup. Usually, I`m using them for covering some specific needs:  to blur the pores or illuminate the skin etc.  Here are a few of my favorite primers: Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base, Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Primer.


The foundation can be light, medium, or high coverage.  It can have a glowing, satin, or matte finish.
As it can be extremely hot during photoshoots in Crete I always recommend adding a few drops of a long-lasting foundation for durability (Estee Lauder Double Wear, Dior Forever) to your favorite tone or BB / CC cream. This way your foundation won`t “drip” & fall into the pores under the heat. My trick with foundation is to apply it by thin layers and duplicate it only in problem areas.


Modern powders like AIRBRUSH FLAWLESS FINISH are absolutely weightless and completely invisible on the face. For the dry skin I recommend illuminating ones, and for mixed/oily types of skin matte textures will work perfectly. Just remember, the T-zone should be always matte.

I love to use bronzers (for example Airbrush by Charlotte Tilbury) instead of traditional grey undertone products for contouring. With bronzer, it’s impossible to make such mistakes as creating weird dark spots on the face. Another bonus is that bronzer gives you a fresh and sun-kissed effect.

Blush can be divided into cold and warm undertones, and here I don`t have any strict rules. It`s important that the color of the blush doesn`t overlap with the color of the skin issues (for example, pimples or redness). Blush should give fresh look to your face. For makeup harmony blush’ tone should be complemented with the color of the lips. One of my favorites is  MONOCHROME MOMENT VELVET BLUSH.


For the eyes, I recommend emphasizing the natural lid by soft light-brown color. I assure you, your everyday bronzer can handle this. Use a water-resistant pencil in brown or black color for inner line. This will add expressiveness to the eyes. Then coat your lashes with waterproof mascara in a couple of layers.
I prefer to keep lips natural. You can add a little contour with a pencil and a little balm for volume. Be careful with shining effect products, your hair might cling to it.


First things first: wash and brush your hair before the photoshoot. Even if you`re not planning any hair styling at all. Don`t rely on the magic powers of Photoshop.

If you dye your hair,  make sure that the roots haven`t grown.  I strongly recommend making an appointment with the hairdresser in advance. Ideally, it will be 1-2 weeks before the shooting. (2-3 days before is a bad idea).  This way your hair will have time to “lay down”, and you will get used to the new image.
Whether to do hairstyling or not to do is absolutely your choice. But even if you want to straighten them beautifully or curl them a little, remember that the humidity is super high on the island and your usual styling products may not work.

I recommend doing a simple styling with curls or a light texture for your photoshoot in Crete. You can fasten a few strands net to the face if it`s windy. An indispensable assistant before styling could be dry shampoo. Just apply it on dry hair in advance and brush them through after. This will help keep your hair looking nice even on the hottest day.

And last but not least, your makeup and hairstyle should complement your natural beauty, but not make you uncomfortable and give an awkward feeling that ”it`s not you”.  Make sure your look is complete with accessories and harmonizes with your outfit.


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