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Make-up and hair styling for photoshoot

You can always cooperate with professional make up and hair dressing artists and I will be happy to connect you with them. If you decide to do your whole image by yourself here are some tips and advices.

MAKE UP AND PHOTOSHOOT are two things that always go together. Even if you are not using any cosmetic stuff in your life for photoshoot it’s really necessary. When I’m talking about the best make up for photoshoot I mean first of all good face foundation. Try to pick a tone base according the natural tone of your face, not darker or lighter. You can also use concealer to cover your problem areas. Don’t put any face cream with shining texture. The best choice will be mattifying, full-coverage base makeup. It will help your skin look smooth on the photos. REMEMBER THAT MAKE UP FOR PHOTOSHOOT SHOULD BE BRIGHTER THAN YOU USED TO WEAR IN REAL LIFE.

If you decide to make an accent on your eyes it’s better to put more eyes shadows. Using three or four colors will make your eyes look brighter. There are many companies that sell palette of eyes shadows with instructions and pictures how to combine them correctly. The eyeliner can beautifuly frame your eyes as well. Just be sure that you do tiny line very close to the lashes otherwise it can look messy. The last but I guess the most important in eyes make up is mascara. Apply it to the top and bottom lashes, you might do 2 coats just don’t forget to brush your lashes after.

HAIR STYLING FOR PHOTOSHOOT. My photoshoots usually include walks and we change locations such as beach with possible wind from the sea as well as villages and gardens with lots of sun. So be ready that your hairs won’t look perfect during all photoshoot.

The best hair style for photoshoot is to keep them natural way. If you have long hairs it’s also great idea to make light waves. Do not put too much hair spray because the wind will ruffle your hairs a little bit anyway. Lot’s of gel, spray and so on your hairs will look just heavy. I recommend to avoid tight buns behind the nape or any other office style. Let the salty breeze go through your hairs and enjoy the moment!

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