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What to wear for a photoshoot

Here I’ll give you some tips about outfits for a photoshoot. Remember the MAIN RULE ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY OUTFITS: you should be comfortable with what you wear. There are many situations when you can wear evening cocktail shining dress with high heels or James Bond smoking but photoshoot on the beach definitely is not in the list. Believe me, if during photoshoot you will feel uncomfortable it will reflect on photos. For women and girls I recommend to pick a light […]

What to take with me on Photoshoot

What to take with me on Photoshoot Summer in Crete can be pretty hot. I suggest you to take few things to feel comfortable during photoshoot. BOTTLE OF WATER will keep you hydrated enough under the sun. FACIAL TISSUES can also be very useful. You might need to refresh your make up and delete unwanted shine. Take with you COMFORTABLE SHOES even if you picked open shoes with high heels for your photoshoot. We will walk to change locations and cozy sandals will […]

Make-up and hair styling for photoshoot

You can always cooperate with professional make up and hair dressing artists and I will be happy to connect you with them. If you decide to do your whole image by yourself here are some tips and advices. MAKE UP AND PHOTOSHOOT are two things that always go together. Even if you are not using any cosmetic stuff in your life for photoshoot it’s really necessary. When I’m talking about the best make up for photoshoot I mean first of all […]

Where I can do photoshoot in Crete

Crete is a big island, from one side to another you’ll need hours and hours of driving to cover distance over 500 km. There are many amazingly beautiful places where to stay in Crete for holidays. I personally like a lot areas of Heraklion & Lassithi and I’ll be happy to organize photoshoot in Hersonissos, Malia, Agios Nikolaos, Heraklion and around for you. You’ll have one or even few locations on your choice. I can show you hidden lagoons with […]